Classism in Campuses

Date / Year of Publication: Apr-June 2003

Table of Contents
Volume 9 No. Contents in English Contents in Urdu
1 From The Editors Desk Duality of Education system Payam-e-Mudabbir talim ka Dohra Mayar
April – June 2003 2 Focus Class Clash at Campuses Nukta-e-Nazar Talemi idaro main Tabkati Takrao
3 Encounter Meeting with Saeed-ur-Rehman Amne Samne Aik Mulaqat Saeed-ur-Rehman ke sath
Classism in Campuses 4 Bargad Polls Who among you is class conscious Ap ki Rai Kya ap tabkati khichao ka shikar hain
5 A Slice of Life From Ali Salman’s Diary App Beti Ali Salman ki Diary
6 Precious People Dr. Ghazala Irfan Anmol Moti Doctor Ghazala Irfan
7 Society Peeking in through the hostels life Gird-o-Nawa Aik Nazar Hostel ki zindagi per
8 Bargad Activities Bargad Joins hand with SAP-PK Bargad ki Sargarmian Bargad or SAP sath sath
9 Special Report A Murder and a forbidden death Shoba Jaat Sociology or hum
10 Quotes Khasosi Report Aik qatal or haram mot


Classism in Campuses (Apr-June03)

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