Date / Year of Publication: October 2002- March 2003

No. Contents in English Contents in Urdu
1 Editorial Adaria
2 Towards reforming higher education BARGAD Correspondent Kabul University ka aik yadgar doura
3 Universities are intellectual forums of societies Z.H Baber Bargad ki naujawano ki nazar main
4 The secretary on education Art or craft
5 Legitimacy of expectations Samia khalid FC college or aj ki badalti haqiqate
6 Reforms: Lessons from Germany karachi University main garo sazi
7 Student  survey on higher education reforms
8 The long awaited education reforms Rashid Mubarak
9 Islamists target “Vulgur” classics Rory mac Carthy
10 Party turned violent at its department
11 A meeting with Professor Shaista Sonnu Sirajjudin
12 A discourse with Prof. Khalid Aftab
13 Prof. Ghulam Sarwar Qureshi An educationist committed to Excellence
14 Sensitive hearts Nasuha Khalid
15 The media exposed Noreen Nusrat
16 A visit to Kabul university
17 Dar-ul-Salam Library (The breeders of scholars) Nasir Siddique bhatti
18 Panel Discussion Globalization and challenges for Pakistan


Higher Education Reforms (Oct-Mar02)