Date / Year of Publication: April – June 2007

No. Contents in English Contents in Urdu
1 Group Discussion on Education system Student Perspective Adaria
2 Report Commission on Student problemand welfare 1966 Report Hamara Talimi nizam (Talba kia kehte hain)
3 Proposal for new educational policy July 1969 1966 Commission brai Talba Masail
4 The New Education Policy March 1970 1969 Nae Talimi policy ke lie tajawiz
5 The Education Policy National education Policy 1972-1980 Panch talimi policies ka ahwal 1970-1998
6 National Education Policy 1979 Excerpts White paper 2007 (tawako or khadshat)
7 National Education Policy 1992-1998 Sargarmian
8 Salient features of national education policy 1998-2010
9 Important features


Education Policies in Pakistan- Vol II (Apr-June07)