Violence in educational Institutions Issue 1

Date / Year of Publication: May – July 2001


No. Contents in English Contents in Urdu
1 Editors Note Adaria
2 Political Economy of curriculum structure Nisabi dhanche ki sayasi moeshiyatr
3 An anatomy of violence Tashadad ka tashrihi khaka
4 Aggression and violence in educational institutions Talimi idaron main jarahiyat or tashadad ka rujhan
5 A horrible incidence of torture on student Talibilm per tashadad ka holnak waqia
6 violence in educational institutions Talimi idaron main tashadad ka rujhan
7 The states of affair in educational institutions Talimi idaron main tashadad ki surathal
8 An interview with the leader of Islami Jamiat Talba Nazim-e-Ala Islami jamiat Talba se aik interview
9 Violence has its purposes …… Tashadad nafsiyat ka hissa kaise banta hai?
10 A victim of torture tells his story Talibilm per tashadad ki aik bhayanak kahani
11 Unrest in Quaid-e-Azam University Quaid-e-Azam university main halat ki kharabi
12 A dialogue with the students of karachi university karachi University ke talba se aik mukalma
13 Violence in Balochistan University Balochistan University main tashadad ke waqiaat
14 Comparisan between Quaid-e-Azam and Punjab University Quaid-e-Azam or punjab university ka mowazna
15 Choti Choti Batain Choti Choti batein
16 Whats @ BARGAD Kam @ BARGAD
17 Activities @ BARGAD Sargarmian @ BARGAD
18 Members @ BARGAD Membaran @ BARGAD


Violence in Educational Institutions (May-Jul01)

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