launching Ceremony Punjab Youth Portal International Youth Day 2019

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آج ہوم اکنامس کالج لاہور میں پنجاب یوتھ پورٹل کا افتتاح کیا۔ اس موقع پر پنجاب بھر سے یوتھ کے سینکٹروں نمائندوں نے شرکت کی۔ حکومت پنجاب یوتھ افئیرز کے لئے بھرپور اقدامات کررہی ہے۔ In commemoration of International Youth Day, PITB collaborated with YASAT, Sports Board Punjab and Bargad Organization for Youth Development to

Youth Leadership on Campuses

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Bargad has conducted two 5-day value clarification and training Workshops (VCAT) in Lahore to equip students with different management and leadership skills and enhance their thematic understanding about social cohesion and youth development. These workshops were attended by 60 office bearers of 42 student societies from 12 different universities across Punjab and Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa provinces. The