Dengue Awareness Campaign


     Following the growing intensity of Dengue Virus, the government of Punjab took initiative and formed an Emergency Community Mobilization Committee for Dengue Control. Khwaja Saad Rafique (MNA) is the convener of this committee. To engage youth, another sub-committee—Chief Minister Youth Mobilization Committee Against Dengue, was formed under the chairmanship of Rana Mashhood Ahmad Khan (Deputy Speaker Punjab Assembly). Mohabbat Shuja Rana (Senior Research Officer, Punjab Assembly Secretariat) was the secretary to the committee. The Punjab Government also engaged civil society organizations to cope with the challenge and controlling the increasing threat.

BARGAD—organization for youth development, was also called upon to join hands with the other members.

BARGAD’s Contribution:

BARGAD not only presented suggestions and recommendations in a well structured work plan for youth mobilization but also took active part in field activities. Following is the Bargad’s participation. Our volunteers were led by:

Following is the Bargad's participation;

1) Suggestions:

The following suggestions were proposed by Bargad team;

2) Training Session:

     On 26th September 2011, Bargad arranged a training session at Heinrich Boll Stiftung (HBS) office Lahore. 25 volunteers of Bargad participated in it. The moderators were Ms. Salma Rehmat and Nauman Ali Ch. First everybody gave brief introduction of her/his self. Then Ms. Salma Rehmat started the Bargad’s Introduction with the questions: Why are we going to work against dengue? Why are you (Youth) people involved in this campaign? How does it relate to Bargad’s work?

Out Put:

3) Field Work:

    Practically, BARGAD took its team to the field and pay its share for public awareness. The government of Punjab provided us (Bargad) with over 3500 pamphlets to distribute around the city on Friday, 30th September 2011. The team took to the streets on the very day, circulating the pamphlets in hospitals, bakeries, schools, market places and food chains. Five CD’s were also handed to the team by the government officials to spread the word about dengue- preventative measures to be taken and how the epidemic spreads in general. By the end of the third day we had with us 30 copies of the same CD, which we successfully used to help create awareness among the general public.

Following is the commentary of our field work;

      One of our volunteers, Talha Khan, was given approximately 250 pamphlets. He started off his drive from Saddique Trade Center. He commented ‘the response from Saddique Trade Centre was the best’. Later, he went to NFC (head office) where he distributed a small proportion of the total pamphlets. On link road, Talha visited Pace where he handed pamphlets to the people coming in the mall. In model town, Bata shoes, Famous books, Doctors Pharmacy and Fresh Inn Bakery was covered by Talha. The remaining pamphlets were given to Shoaib Gym, in Faisal town.

     A huge team headed by Hassan Bhatti and Saad was given over 800 pamphlets. They started distribution on Saturday, 1st of October. Five hundred and fifty pamphlets were disseminated mainly in Askari 10, Sector E from lane 1 to lane 10. The remainder was circulated in Rahat Bakery, Lantern (Chinese Restaurant) and Garrison Academy School for Boys.

     Sachal Syed Hussain, who was given 500 pamphlets, covered perhaps the greatest number of areas. He started working on Saturday, 1st October. Sachal gave 100 pamphlets at Total Petrol Pump in Gulberg. Further down Gulberg, Sachal gave pamphlets at Cinnabon, Malees, Coffee tea and company, Xinhua mall-stood at the entrance and gave them to the people who entered- and Nike store. On the next day, Sachal undertook distribution in Cavalry. The areas which received pamphlets were street 6, best buy Super Store, Cantt Medical Store, Fazal Din, Shezan Bakery an in the Cavalry ground. As narrated by Sachal, people were very receptive to the ideas being spread and showed support.

      Bilal Khalid, another young volunteer actively participated in the campaign, distributing pamphlets in Shalimar Wapda Town, Main Market Township, Makkah Coloney, Manava ad Shadman. Bilal had many helpers with him in the process.

      We did not only have active male volunteers but female volunteers equally contributed in the efforts. A group of four young girls were provided over 300 pamphlets, under the leadership of Anam Ikhlaq, passed around the pamphlets at Gulab Devi hospital, Himayat-e-Islam College, shops near Kalma Chowk in the area she lives, Sanjan Nagar Higher Secondary School Branch, Gourmet and Doce bakeries and at shops near Quenchi stop. These girls were done with the distribution by Sunday, 2nd October.

      Three more young girls, Saffa Imran, Wasma Imran and Namal Imran(the youngest person on our team, aged 6) volunteered with the Bargad team. They received roughly 200 pamphlets. They distribution areas they selected were gourmet bakery (Zarar Shaeed Road), Hamza CNG station(Zarar Saheed road) and Askari 9 market. For all three of these girls, the experience was very good. They found that the people were interested in knowing more about the work the government had under-taken on the matter. However, criticism was there too. They felt that the people were already aware about the issue and wanted other change, related to cleanliness.

      Tahira, from Kinnaird college took part in the struggle against dengue too and circulated the pamphlets in her college. Over a 100 pamphlets were with Tahira. She complained that people were not willing to accept the pamphlets as they said they have heard enough about the epidemic already.

      Another person on our team was Mohammad Iqbal, who had a small sum of 50 pamphlets. His efforts are also appreciated as he parceled out the information to Shezan Bakery near his area, model town.

      As for the CD’s, Anam Khalid has shown the video clip in Sanjan Nagar School. An audience of 200 viewed this video. In other schools and colleges like Lahore Grammar School, Punjab College, Beaconhouse School System, Kinnaird College, and LLC the CD’s are scheduled to play in this week. Other areas are yet to be decided upon as to where the CD should be viewed

Volunteers involved