Date / Year of Publication: Feb- April 2002

No. Contents in English Contents in Urdu
1 Editorial Adaria
2 Views of Globalization from world Punjab University ke talibilmo ki alamgeriat pe rai
3 Technical Method of Domestic Violence Shibli College Gujranwala main giro sazi
4 Chat with Nomads Gher Sarkari Tanzimain aik nazar main
5 Contradicton between law and ritual Gharelo tashadad ke takniki andaz
6 Women Day Alamger Log
7 Group Discussion Madrasa Rasomat or qawaneen ka tazad
8 Group formation in Shiblee College, Gujranwala Aurato ka almi din
9 Understanding of Punjab university student on Globalization Sargarmian
10 Alamgeriat



Globalization (Feb-Apr02)






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