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Membership Rules

1.        Member should be older than fifteen year and younger than twenty nine years
2.         Every Member needs to update his/her Membership every year   till 25 January
3.        Membership card will be issued to every one upon the approval of member’s request by the Bargad secretariat.
4.        Bargad member’s card will not be used in case of any personal contacts or work.
5.        Bargad membership card is only to be used for purposes which are in accordance with Bargads’s aims and objectives
6.        Bargad bears no responsibility for the cardholder’s personal conduct.
7.        Bargad has all the authority to cancel the membership of any member in case of any reported misconduct.
8.        An individual can become members if she/he commits to the aim & objective of Bargad.

BVN Network

  • National Body
  • Provincial Coordinates
  • District Coordinates
  • Campus Coordinates
  • Tehsil Coordinates